Higher Vision May 7th

Submitted on 24 April 2017 by Kathy Fiander

Non – profit organisation
Sunday 7th May

10.30am -2pm 

Mindfulness of Breathing
Helps with: Stress , Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Fear, Your patience Confidence, Creativity, Relationships, Change, Spiritual Journeys, Meditation, IBS, Tension, Relaxation, Life and so much more

Look at the list above. Do any of these apply to you? If they do then this is the course for you. Mindfulness of Breathing with 7th Level Breathing is the most important course we run. This is an exciting and interesting 3 ½ hour workshop that has been channeled by Linda Graham to help you manage the stress, anxiety in your life and the changing earthly vibrations. We all experience stressful moments in our lives and some manage this better than others. During this workshop you will have an understanding of your own breath patterns and how your thoughts have a direct link with your breathing. During this workshop you will learn how you can use your breathing to change how you react to everything. Ask yourself these questions:

• Do you hold your breath?

• Do you find yourself suddenly gasping for breath?

• Do you hold a lot of tension in your body?

• Do you find yourself losing your patience often?

• Do you find it hard to relax?

Breathing is something that generally goes on in the back ground of our lives and yet we pay little attention to it. Ekarte Tolle says in his book ‘New Earth’ “One conscious breath a day will change your life.” Imagine if you could be conscious of your breathing for most of the time.

£55 includes refreshments and light buffet vegetarian lunch. Booking essential
10.30am-2pm Park Room
contact Higher Visions
01491 282394 for more details


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