Civic Hall Team


Name:          Dave Aldridge

Job Title:     House Keeper

Joined:        April 2003

Roles:         Ensuring high standards of cleanliness

About Me:

Hi I'm Dave, during my free time I enjoy dancing and listening to country music.


Name:          Stephanie Litten

Job Title:     Civic Hall Assistant

Joined:        November 2015

Roles:          Bar Management, Administration 

About Me:


Name:          Timothy Sheppard

Job Title:     Civic Hall Assistant

Joined:        May 2016

Roles:          Social Media, Administration 

About Me:    Born in the heart of a dying star, it is often said that Tim is both a gift to the world, and a curse. He has no equal, yet remains humble. He once did a backflip that never ended and is also able to see the colour blurple. He has simply walked into Mordor.


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